Chris Walsh is my criminal defense attorney. I met Attorney Chris through a friend at a tense time when I was faced with criminal charges. After talking with Chris and learning about his experience as an excellent prosecutor in Santa Clara, I chose him as my defense attorney.

From the beginning, Chris helped me stabilize my nervousness through professional analysis and guided me to do the right things. Before preparing for the first trial, Chris used his rich experience to guide me in preparing appropriate information, actively communicated with the prosecutor, and finally successfully converted the charges against me into misdemeanor charges. Of course, I was still very worried about this accusation, but Chris always comforted me and told me not to worry and let me continue to do the right thing. During the nearly six months that followed, I actively cooperated with Chris and completed what I wanted to do according to his guidance, while he actively communicated with the prosecutor and reported every step of my progress to the prosecutor in a timely manner. official. This resulted in a good communication of information between myself, Chris and the prosecutor. This lays the foundation for the prosecutor to accurately understand the case and the defendant and make reasonable charges.

From the first court hearing to the last recent trial, Chris helped me complete the communication with the prosecutor, so that the litigation process did not interfere too much with the normal life of me and my family. In the end, through Chris’s efforts and full use of his case experience, he set up a reasonable strategy for me to deal with the lawsuit, and I got better results than expected. Therefore, I am very, very grateful to Chris for his help and support to me and my family when I encountered major setbacks in my life.
Throughout the entire cooperation process, Chris gave me a lot of suggestions, and I strictly followed these suggestions. It is also very important to fully trust my lawyer Chris and actively cooperate with him to complete what he has to do. This allows him to fully understand his client’s background and case circumstances and set up a reasonable litigation strategy.

When encountering difficulties, it is very important to choose a suitable lawyer. He should have good communication and positive response capabilities, professional legal knowledge, and rich practical experience. I’m so glad I chose Chris and with his help, I got better results than I expected.

Jun Liang

Mr Walsh is the very best!! He was compassionate and explained to me what to expect in an easy way for me to understand. He was straightforward and delivered on what he said he could do for me! Highly recommend to anyone looking for someone who knows what they are doing based on knowledge and experience!!

Claudia Hodskins

Before Chris, I had talked to few lawyers and hired one. The more I talked I was getting confused and the one I hired never showed up at the court dates and never replied on time. He did not even return my money.

Talking to Chris gave me some clarity and felt safe. After I hired him he has been very professional with showing me my options and the leading consequences.. He addressed all my concerns to help me arrive what was best for me without being pushy yet, supportive.

I appreciate how Chris can see past through my case to guide me and support me. Chris even stood for me from getting bullied from the other lawyer. I am grateful to have Chris as my lawyer.

Snehi Shreshtha

I would like to thank Chris for helping me achieve a better deal. My case was ongoing for almost one year before I pulled Walsh Law attorneys in to help. They immediately acquired body cam footage, discovery etc as soon as we started working together. I was in a bit of a situation and public defenders weren’t doing anything to help my case as if they didn’t have time. Which they don’t, but Chris Walsh did and came up with a few methods to fight my case. In the end we were able to achieve a better deal for my case and finally put it to rest. Thanks a lot Chris!

Dewan Payroda

Hands down one of the most elite criminal attorney’s in Sacramento and surrounding area!

Let me start by saying I never leave reviews or feel I need to but I have unfortunately had to retain the services of a couple attorney through out the years but Chris Walsh is the real deal and not to mention a super cool down to earth person who let’s you know he will handle it and then does when you have a $500k bail and get released at arraignment without even having to contact a bailbonds you have a damn good attorney..

It’s simple if you are in need of a criminal attorney don’t waste your time just get Walsh law best decision you will make! Thank you again Chris !!💯

Rob Vaughn

Even though it was clear to Chris Walsh that I or my friend could not afford his services, Chris still took they time to discuss my friend’s case, offered multiple alternative routes and strategies to help with our case, he could have easily pointed me to the public defenders office and went on his way. He spent nearly 30 minutes to understand our case and offered great advice. I appreciate his empathy and sincerity. Anyone that is looking for a person that cares not only about your case but your well-being should hire Chris.


I honestly could not be more thankful and appreciative of Mr. Walsh. Since the first day we met meeting in an extremely high stress situation his professionalism and kindness was very evident. Throughout the entire process he showed up with great communication and clarity. Mr. Wash exhibits a lot of confidence that helped to keep me as ease throughout weeks of uncertainty. I could not have asked for a better lawyer and highly recommend him.

Hayley Offutt

Chris Walsh represented a family member during a very stressful time. He was communicative and patiently explained the situation, how the process works.

I appreciate his professionalism, and the outcome was as good as one could hope.

While I hope we never need his services again, I recommend him wholeheartedly.

David Offutt

Just call Chris and you won’t regret it. My family and I recently relocated to the area and I was having issues with my son’s school and Chris completely put my mind at ease. He explained everything and was extremely detailed.

I was unsure of who to call or where to even start since we were not familiar with anybody around here (and I called around and talked to ALOT of different attorneys)… and Chris was the easiest to talk with and the only one who didn’t make me feel like I was talking to a formal “robot”.

I am always able to get ahold of him directly either by cell or text including after hours and if for some reason he isn’t immediately available, he responds as soon as he can. I have permanently added him to my contacts for any future needs. THANK YOU CHRIS!!

Melissa Chapman

Chris Walsh is not only professional but beyond knowledgeable. Steady, prepared, and will stand behind his words. Not an easy task to do in this arena.


Want to say thanks Chris! He nailed it. With Chris by my side I had all the confidence in the world. Seriously if you need services like this, Call Chris!

Jarrett Foss

If you are ever in a situation where you need legal support Walsh Law should be your top choice. Chris has been amazing. Throughout our entire ordeal he assured us and made us feel secure in our position during this tough situation. Aside from the emotional and mental support he provided you can see just how professional and how much knowledge Chris has in this subject. He knew what steps to take and he prompted us to take certain precautions to ensure that everything turned out okay. In the end we got the resolution we knew would be the outcome but ensuring that you have knowledgeable experts is really the key in making sure things go the right way. All in all I would highly recommend Chris and Walsh Law. Don’t hesitate and don’t think about the price, it’s worth it.

Stephanie Lopez

Last year I fell on hard times legally and was at a loss because I’d never hired a lawyer before. After speaking to several attorneys I’m happy I picked Chris and his team. They make it known that your in good hands and that you’re not just a dollar sign. Throughout the whole legal process, Chris and his team were kind, professional, and invested in my legal victory. My case was very challenging but due to Walsh Law’s experience as district attorneys all charges were dropped.They have earned a customer for life


I was found in an unfortunate situation which led me to find legal representation. After a recommendation from a friend, I decided to go with Walsh Law. Their office was clean and well-maintained. I was greeted with a warm welcome and a short tour of their office. Unlike most lawyers I was looking for, they were straight shooters and formulated an effective strategy to resolve my case. Long story short, they were able to resolve my issue after the first hearing. I felt that the service they provided was top notch. They ensured that my needs were on the top of their priority list and their attention to detail was second to none. I have little to no knowledge in law and the way they were explaining the strategy was clear and very easy to understand. If you need representation in the Sacramento and Nevada county, I HIGHLY recommend going to them. Their experience as former district attorneys allows them to give you advice and strategies that will allow them to win your case.

Marina Angulo

Chris Walsh with “Walsh Law” is a class act! He is honest, ethical and attentive as an attorney. His previous experience as a prosecutor was extremely beneficial in a recent case resolution. If you want a results driven, highly effective attorney on your side, call Chris!


The service was Excellent he gave me a lot of advice to help me out and I thank him for that this is definitely a legal service you need to go to

Jon S

Very helpful and knowledgeable attorney he gave me great advice if your looking for a lawyer that’s honest and reliable these are you guys.

Nate Stinson

Great experience, extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend to anyone looking for legal help.

Allan Ostapovsky

Chris was so wonderful to speak to and has such a kind heart. I highly recommend if you need someone as a victim to represent you.

Molly Voigt

Mr. Walsh is a great attorney with in depth knowledge on how to navigate the local court system. I recommend him to all the people in the local area who needs a good attorney.

Chris Z.

Highly recommend Mr. Walsh’s services. From the start, Mr. Walsh was very personable and professional. He went above and beyond while representing me and made himself available at all times. I was dealing with a criminal matter that was definitely an uphill battle but Mr. Walsh was with me every step of the process and kept his word. Can’t thank him enough.

Ryan G.

I used Chris Walsh as an attorney for a work related matter and a possible criminal matter. He also represented me in a frivolous restraining order hearing. As you I can see, I keep going back. He’s very understanding, treats you with respect, and listens to you. Great attorney. Great guy. Ok beard lol.

Steve K.

Chris Walsh a highly qualified and knowledgeable individual with an in depth understanding of his practice. Mr. Walsh went above and beyond throughout the representation process. He communicated very clearly every step of the way, was always available and willing to answer questions and has even assisted me with matters after the fact. I highly recommend his services.

Ben P.

I have been practicing law and have known Chris Walsh for over 20 years. Most lawyers never actually go to trial. Very few are actually good at it. Since the first day that Chris walked into court he has been focused on being the best trial lawyer that he can possibly be. He is one of a handful of truly great trial lawyers that I personally know here in California. I’ve sat across from him at the poker table and have seen him in court. He knows when opposing counsel is reluctant to take a case to trial and how much he can push to get a good resolution. If he can get a better result for his client, he will take it to trial because he has the confidence that comes from years of winning big cases. You are making a great choice if you hire Walsh Law. They care about their clients and they are good at what they do.

Mark B.

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