Chris Walsh is my criminal defense attorney. I met Attorney Chris through a friend at a tense time when I was faced with criminal charges. After talking with Chris and learning about his experience as an excellent prosecutor in Santa Clara, I chose him as my defense attorney.

From the beginning, Chris helped me stabilize my nervousness through professional analysis and guided me to do the right things. Before preparing for the first trial, Chris used his rich experience to guide me in preparing appropriate information, actively communicated with the prosecutor, and finally successfully converted the charges against me into misdemeanor charges. Of course, I was still very worried about this accusation, but Chris always comforted me and told me not to worry and let me continue to do the right thing. During the nearly six months that followed, I actively cooperated with Chris and completed what I wanted to do according to his guidance, while he actively communicated with the prosecutor and reported every step of my progress to the prosecutor in a timely manner. official. This resulted in a good communication of information between myself, Chris and the prosecutor. This lays the foundation for the prosecutor to accurately understand the case and the defendant and make reasonable charges.

From the first court hearing to the last recent trial, Chris helped me complete the communication with the prosecutor, so that the litigation process did not interfere too much with the normal life of me and my family. In the end, through Chris’s efforts and full use of his case experience, he set up a reasonable strategy for me to deal with the lawsuit, and I got better results than expected. Therefore, I am very, very grateful to Chris for his help and support to me and my family when I encountered major setbacks in my life.
Throughout the entire cooperation process, Chris gave me a lot of suggestions, and I strictly followed these suggestions. It is also very important to fully trust my lawyer Chris and actively cooperate with him to complete what he has to do. This allows him to fully understand his client’s background and case circumstances and set up a reasonable litigation strategy.

When encountering difficulties, it is very important to choose a suitable lawyer. He should have good communication and positive response capabilities, professional legal knowledge, and rich practical experience. I’m so glad I chose Chris and with his help, I got better results than I expected.

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